Achieve your sailing goals this year

All of us that sail must have started sometime. Perhaps you were born to it, following in the footsteps of parents or an elder sibling or perhaps you learnt to love it later in life? However you started, the fact is there’s always room for improvement and new challenges and adventures to be met.

Here at Jolly Parrot Sailing we understand this. After all, we all started somewhere. That’s why we offer so many opportunities to get on the water or hone your theoretical skills in the classroom.  Whatever you fancy doing, we are here to help.

Located as we are in the gloriously sunny Bay of Gibraltar, our sailing base offers a fantastic opportunity to explore the North Coast of Morocco, the Atlantic Coast of Spain and the Mediterranean Costas. In fact, you could quite feasibly sail between two continents and three countries in just one day! In addition to a full range of RYA Sailing Courses from Competent Crew through Day Skipper and Coastal Skipper to Yachtmaster Offshore and beyond, we also offer our clients a variety of less structured ‘fun’ trips and events.

At weekends, a very popular event is our regular voyage across the renowned Strait of Gibraltar, leaving Queensway Quay on Saturday morning before a short shakedown sail in the Bay, under the historic Rock, before setting full sail for what is usually a fast reach across the Strait to Ceuta, a Spanish Enclave on the Moroccan Coast.

For more details see our 'Gibraltar to Africa Weekend Adventure'.

Once there, usually mid afternoon, your time is your own to explore the historic town and battlements, do some shopping or chill out by the pool in a very impressive and beautifully clean outdoor lido with lively bars and a variety of outdoor pools.  An exotic night out and then bed is followed by a bracing reach homeward bound, coming alongside on Sunday afternoon full of stories to tell and probably a mild sun tan as well!

For the more adventurous or experienced we offer milebuilders. These allow sailors with some previous sailing experience to join us on longer passages either into the Mediterranean or West onto the Atlantic Coasts of Spain or North Africa. We usually head deeper into the Med at least once a year to places like Mallorca, Barcelona, Malta or Sardinia. The great benefit of mile builders is that it enables you to sail in a less formal environment whilst at the same time allowing you plenty of opportunity to see how a yacht is run at sea. You’ll be part of the crew, perhaps even responsible for navigating or running a watch. All under the experienced eye of one of our Cruising or Yachtmaster Instructors.

We also offer specific RYA courses for those sailing alone. Yachting is a really great way to meet new people with a similar attitude to life and there is really no better way to break down social awkwardness than to learn and sail together.

During the season (which is almost year round here in the Western Mediterranean) we regularly compete in local regattas. Heck, we’ve even been known to win them from time to time! Most regattas take place during weekday evenings or at weekends making them great fun and adding to the vibrant social life enjoyed by all of those who live clinging to this little bit of British Rock in the Sun.  In addition to our sailing in the Med we also venture North (in Summer of course) on our annual pilgrimage to Cowes in order to compete in the world-renowned Round the Island race. It’s a very popular weekend and great fun - so if you’re interested book up soon. Our boats fill up fast!

For those looking to charter their own yacht this year we offer structured learning that will take you from complete novice right through to RYA Day Skipper or beyond.  And once you have the appropriate level of qualifications and experience we can even charter you a boat for the week, fortnight or weekend!

Whatever your sailing goals for 2019, we’re here to help make getting there easier and great fun too.