An overview of the RYA SafeTrx app

08 December 2020

The RYA SafeTrx App is available free-of-charge to smartphone users. It uses modern digital technology to help enhance the safety of leisure sailors whilst at sea.

It does this by allowing users to upload information to a central database that is accessible by the coastguard in the event of a distress call or if a vessel should not arrive at its destination. The new database takes over from the old CG66 system.

In addition to uploading vessel information, the user can also take advantage of other features within the app which allow you to upload details of a passage and even track you by way of your phone (whilst your phone is within reach of a shore phone tower).

If a user does not arrive at their proposed destination within the time expected then a designated shore contact can be made aware and appropriate action can be taken swiftly and with all comprehensive information immediately available to HM Coastguard.

For more information on this free service visit the RYA website.

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