Follow Jolly Parrot live on AIS.

11 July 2017

Our first training yacht, Jolly Parrot, is regularly used by us for a variety of RYA yachting courses in the Mediterranean. Of course, she’s not our only training yacht, but she is our favourite - just don’t tell the others, they might get jealous!

The good ship Jolly, as we sometimes refer to her, is fitted with Category B AIS. AIS stands for the Automatic Identification System. It’s a sort of electronic ‘air traffic control’ for vessels and all ships and more and more yachts carry the equipment necessary to make it possible for us (and you) to see where Jolly Parrot is, what speed she is doing and even where she might have been anchored for lunch!

What is AIS and How To Use it?

If you’d like to see where our other yachts currently are, click here. You can also download a variety of free AIS tracking Apps for your phone or tablet.



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