How long are RYA Certificates valid?

Most RYA Sailing certificates are valid for life once you have met the required standard and been granted the certificate. This goes for the spectrum of certificates from RYA Competent Crew to RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Ocean. However, there are some certificates which do require revalidation.

If you intend to become commercially endorsed, you will require an RYA Sea Survival Certificate and an RYA First Aid at Sea Certificate or better. The First Aid Certificate must be renewed every 3 years and the commercial endorsement must be revalidated every 5 years. To revalidate you should be able to illustrate that you continue to work in the industry and that you are sufficiently fit and healthy. You must therefore present a valid ML5 or ENG1 Medical Certificate which must usually be renewed every 5 or 2 years respectively.

The International Certificate of Competence required for non-commercial yacht charter in coastal waters by many European Charter Companies must be renewed every 5 years but if you have an acceptable RYA certificate then this is in large part simply a paper exercise and will require that you provide your qualifications, a photograph and a fee.

If you teach the RYA yachting syllabus then you must be either a Yachtmaster Instructor or Cruising Instructor. These certifications are renewable every 5 years and all instructors must attend a two day assessment on the water with an RYA Examiner. To teach shorebased syllabi you must be a Yachtmaster Instructor or hold the RYA’s Day Skipper Theory Teaching Certificate.

Whatever your qualifications, you use it or lose it! The best place to keep current is to just keep sailing. For full details on RYA Certification contact us on 02380 970824 for a chat.

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