Learn to sail holidays in the Mediterranean

19 February 2016

"Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing—absolute nothing—half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats. Simply messing," he went on dreamily: "messing-about-in-boats; messing-"  The Wind in the Willows, Kenneth Grahame

Just like Mole, every year thousands of hardworking landlubbers abandon their offices (and spring cleaning) in favour of hopping on board a boat for the very first time. Of course, the sun drenched idyl can quickly give way to cold and soggy summer days eating half-warmed pasties in the rain just off Portsmouth. Hardly the image most of us have in mind when we first imagine how we are going to spend our hard-won holidays. Unfortunately though, some still feel this is the only way to gain the necessary RYA qualification enabling the novice sailor to charter a yacht and holiday somewhere more appealing, like the Mediterranean for instance. 

At Jolly Parrot, we recognise that your holiday time is precious. The idea of ‘wasting’ a week in the rain learning how to sail when you could just as easily undertake all your training in the warm, tidal waters of the Mediterranean is, well, rather a no-brainer.

Jolly Parrot is an RYA Accredited Training Centre based in Gibraltar. We offer the full range of RYA Sailing Courses and Sailing Adventures for everyone from the complete novice to the more experienced sailor.  Where we differ from a course in the UK is our sailing area. Based in Gibraltar, you can choose Spain, North Africa and the Western Med as your training ground. That rather outpaces a grey March day in Gosport don’t you think?

In addition to offering our students valuable experience in Mediterranean-specific skills like stern-to mooring, we also offer our students training in marina entry and customs procedures. And all this in the appealing climate of the Western Mediterranean. 

You don’t need to sacrifice a week’s hard-earned holiday learning to sail in the rain. Transform your learning experience into an additional holiday in the sun, whilst learning to sail in an area you are likely to end up chartering within some time in the future. 

For more details on our RYA Training Courses contact us on 07925 784407 for a chat.

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