Mile Building Sailing opportunities in the Mediterranean.

Once a novice sailor has been bitten by the sailing bug, it quickly becomes apparent that in order to continue spending time on the water they need to do one of three things. Either they buy their own yacht (undoubtedly a nice option to have), or they invite themselves sailing on a friends (again - a good way to build experience) or they do another RYA yachting course.

The problem with the latter is that whilst RYA sailing courses are carefully structured to methodically build upon a student’s growing skillset, they do assume that the student will be gaining experience on the water in between courses. Indeed, many yachtsmen are sailing for years, even decades, before they attempt the RYA Yachtmaster Offshore examination.

This doesn’t need to be the case. With careful planning, a novice sailor can select the experience they need far more effectively than just sitting on the rail on they’re pals yacht and sailing from Hamble to Cowes every weekend. Like any other activity, variety expands you skillset far quicker than staying within your comfort zone.

At Jolly Parrot Sailing we offer a huge variety of opportunities to get on the water. We have several yachts of different type and size, meaning you can build experience with slab reefing, roller reefing, the safe use of spinnakers and much more. We offer mile-building with experienced instructors that will slowly move away from teaching and into coaching, helping you to learn and build experience the best way possible, by making your own mistakes! 

Our milebulding adventures are scattered throughout the year and include shorter yachting trips into the Mediterranean, longer ocean passages in the North Atlantic and specialist Sailing Masterclass weeks concentrating on spinnakers, heavy weather sailing and close boat handling under power and sail.

After you’ve learnt what you need to know and practiced it for real, you might want to concentrate on skipper development. Knowing how to sail and being capable of commanding a sailing vessel are two different things. Knowledge and skill need to be applied confidently and sensitively and managing a crew (almost certainly less experienced than you are) takes more than just technical ability.

At Jolly Parrot Sailing we see our role as wide ranging. We love to see our students progress seamlessly through the RYA syllabi from a nervous RYA Competent Crew candidate to a confident and experienced RYA Yachtmaster Ocean. That’s why we are here - and that’s what we love to do.