Our 2018 Christmas Gift Guide for Sailors.

Christmas is here again and for those of you thinking about what to buy their sailing loved ones, here are 5 great ideas you can be sure they’ll love.

1 - Yachting World Subscription - Perhaps your loved one’s aren’t planning to be on the water again until Easter, but with the withdrawal symptoms kicking in after Boxing Day, perhaps an annual subscription to Yachting World is the next best thing? Click here for details.

2 - Waterproof Case with GoPro mount for iPhone - I’d guess there are a frightening number of smartphones either sitting at the bottom of the ocean where they were dropped over the side, forgotten about and left in your smock after particularly splashy sail change or simply decaying in a kitchen drawer somewhere! The wise sailor either leaves their phone in their bag - or buys a waterproof housing for it. Better still, you can mount it on deck and get some great video footage too! Click here for details.

3 - Treblab Battery Pack / External Bluetooth Speaker - Great for bringing the party back to the boat - or simply for recharging all your electronics and phone! Comes with a huge 7000mAh rechargeable battery and it’s rugged as well as being water and dustproof. Click here for more details.

4 - Ocean Signal Personal AIS Transponder - In our view, personal AIS transponders are probably the biggest breakthrough in personal ocean safety in recent years. If things go wrong, just knowing you’re attached to an automated personal AIS beacon (fitted into your lifejacket and fully DSC compliant) must be reassuring. This model is the smallest available and fits snuggly into the lifejacket and activates automatically.  Click here for details.

5 - Free Sailing with Jolly Parrot!  OK, so probably the best thing you can ever hope to buy a sailor is, unsurprisingly, an opportunity to get on the water! At Jolly Parrot we are, again, offering a range of gift certificates to suit all budgets. You can use the certificates to pay for all or part of one of our various RYA courses from a weekend sail to the Moroccan Coast or a Yachtmaster Prep Week. Our yachting gift certificates can also be used against Gibraltar or UK-based events such as the Round the Island Race or our Mediterranean Challenge! Click here for details.

Whatever you choose to buy your sailing partner this year, all of us at Jolly Parrot wish you a Merry Christmas and we hope to see you on the water again next year!