Perfect Gifts for any Sailor

15 December 2020

 As keen sailors ourselves, here are 5 perfect gifts for the sailor in your life. You’re welcome!

  1. A gadget every sailor needs! Yes, a sailor wouldn’t be a sailor without a multi-tool and knife. There are plenty of multi-tools out there, but in our view, the best knife and multi-tool for the sailor remains the iconic Leatherman Wave. Worn on the belt or kept in your pocket, ‘the wave’ is useful both on a boat or around the house.
  2. Every cloud! They say each one has a silver lining. But why? For the more advanced sailor or aspiring skipper, why not buy this wonderful book on clouds? Knowing the different types of clouds and what each is likely to bring in terms of weather, is a fantastic skill that all great sailors possess. We recommend Oliver Perkins’ Reading Clouds.
  3. Keep it clean! If your loved one sails on a variety of different boats or maybe does the odd yacht delivery, here’s a great idea for them. This water flask is not only a handy holder for freshwater. It also offers a bacterial filter meaning that the chances of picking up a tummy bug from a stale water tank are much reduced. We recommend the Lifestraw water bottle with filter.
  4. Gift Vouchers! The all-round favourite! Yes, you guessed it, we offer gift vouchers for every course and adventure experience we provide. But if buying a whole course seems a bit pricey, why not buy your loved one a gift voucher for them to put against the course that suits them? We offer gift vouchers from just £25.
  5. Tall stories! Every sailor likes a tall story of derring-do. One of the very best must be the Voyage for Madmen, a real-life tale of the first of what is now called the Golden Globe Race, back in 1968. The harrowing tale of triumph and disaster will keep any sailor riveted after Boxing Day lunch!