RYA Courses for singles

Many of us, whilst welcoming the odd lazy day on the beach or by the pool, require more from our valuable annual holidays than to be sitting in the sun day after day. 

Yachting is a fantastic way to add adventure, activity and a change of scenery to each and every holiday and learning to sail, especially in the warm azure waters of the Western Mediterranean!  

Some holiday companies now offer singles sailing holidays aimed specifically at those of us that are not attached or wish to holiday alone. At Jolly Parrot Sailing this is no surprise. We find that most of our students arrive ‘sans amis’ and by the end of the week they find they have found many more.

There is something about learning a new skill in the open air and sunshine that accelerates the process of getting to know someone. Perhaps it's the fact that  being open to learning means you must also be open to getting stuff wrong! Ay Jolly Parrot Sailing all our instructors have one mantra, “There is NO such thing as a silly question!”  We mean that. You are here to learn and we are here to help you. It’s that simple.

Many of our students go on to sail again with the new friends they make on their yachting course and many come back year on year to sail with us either as part of our Round the Island Race Crew in the UK, as crew participating in one of our Yachting Adventures  for example, on our annual New Year’s Cruise which is usually around Palma, Mallorca.

We encourage students to join our Facebook Group, Friends of Jolly Parrot, so that they can remain in touch with us and fellow crew members alike. We regularly share sailing opportunities and last-minute deals to the group, including specials such as singles sailing holidays or weekend voyages to Ceuta and back, a very popular sail across the Straits to the African Continent.