The best sailing gloves

Choosing the right pair of sailing gloves is essential as is having the right type of equipment and clothing. Generally "sailing gloves" are designed with an enforced or padded palm for durability when handling ropes and short fingers for flexibility when tying knots. They also offer your hands some protection against the sun, cold and salty water, however they are generally not waterproof.  If you are looking for a pair of gloves to wear when learning to sail, on watch or helming then here is a list of some of the most popular sailing gloves.

Musto Essential Sailing Long Finger Glove

These unisex long fingered gloves from a well established sailing brand are flexible and hard wearing, with palm and finger reinforcements. The thumb and forefinger tops are cut off  for flexibility and the back of the hand is elasticated for comfort and quick drying.  Velcro wrist closure for a good fit. Super quality glove.  Available XS to XXL. 

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Lomo Short Finger Sailing Glove

An extremely popular pair of good quality gloves with an amara material palm and a  velcro wrist closure for a snug fit , not too expensive and available in a variety of sizes. 

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Lomo Long Finger Sailing Glove

Also very popular but with long fingers, better for the colder months, an enforced amara palm for rope work and velcro wrist closure, reasonably priced.. Available in a range of sizes from XXS to XXL

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Gill Deckhand Short Finger Gloves

These popular water repellent, unisex gloves are designed with wraparound palm protection with double layered reinforcement. With race proven flexibility and comfort with their 4 way stretch across the back of the hand. Available in sizes XS to XXL.

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Helly Hansen Short Finger Sailing Gloves

These are a unisex design with durable  leather, reinforced palm and fingers with the tops cut. Suitable for all year round use.    A very good quality glove from a well known established sailing brand.  Available in XS to XXL.

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