What are ‘Mile Builders’ and who are they for?

The RYA set a variety of carefully crafted yachting courses aimed at bringing the complete novice through to Yachtmaster Ocean in a structured and logical way. Alongside this training plan, it’s expected that the candidate will continue to build on their taught skills, thus broadening their experience. Simply undertaking the courses will not deliver a candidate to Yachtmaster Offshore, or Coastal Skipper come to that. You need real-world sea miles under your belt too.

Of course, if you aren’t yet lucky enough to own your own boat, gaining experience between structured learning can be difficult, especially if you need experience as skipper. It’s for this person that our mile builder adventures was created. 

At Jolly Parrot Sailing we understand the common needs and concerns of most sailors without their own boat (or a source of suitably experienced crew) with whom to play. Not only do we have a wide variety of yachts from 36ft to 50ft feet long but we also have a bunch of hand-selected skippers with vast experience including classic yacht racing, ocean racing, circumnavigated and Yachtmaster Instructors. 

Whether you’re looking to build skippered passages and/or miles for a Yachtmaster examination or simply fancy a no-hassle week on the water, we have a mile builder just for you.  Starting from £899, our mile builders might include local sailing in and around the Straits and the Spanish Costa's or perhaps longer passages offshore including voyages deep into the Mediterranean to the East or along the Spanish Atlantic Coast, as far as the Portuguese Algarve. 

Many of our customers use the mile builder to practice skills taught during a previous RYA course, including passage planning & pilotage, night sailing, crew management and boat handling. It’s also a great way to build the required 2,500 logged miles and 5 x 60 mile passages necessary before you can take your Yachtmaster Offshore examination. You can even undertake your skippered passages with an experienced instructor there to oversee you and give you that extra confidence you might need when skippering on longer passages for the first time.

In addition to a variety of mile builders run throughout the season, we also run and Yachtmaster prep weeks.  Our 10 day prep week is aimed at ironing out the creases in preparation for a student’s Yachtmaster coastal or Yachtmaster Offshore examination.  The 5 day prep is just what it says on the tin - preparation for the Yachtmaster exam. We can even provide a boat (and crew) for your exam if necessary.  Ask us for more details.

Take a look at our mile builders here: