What is a CG66 and who needs one?

Please note that the CG66 Safety Identification Scheme is now obsolete and been replaced by the SafeTrx App.

Read our introduction to the RYA SafeTrx App.

A CG66 Safety Identification Scheme is is the name given to the Maritime and Coastguard Agency’s free and voluntary scheme for registering UK flagged pleasure craft and vessels. Registering the vessel will greatly assist the Coastguard when trying to identify a registered vessel during SAR (Search and Rescue) or when worried relatives need reassurance.

The information held must be renewed / revised every two years in order for the database to remain current but for those of you uncomfortable with a government agency the Coastguard storing yet more of your personal data, the Coastguard’s comments on the subject may be reassuring.

"the information provided to the CG66 Scheme is used solely for search and rescue purposes by its Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centres and Maritime Sub Centres and is not, and will not, be divulged to any other Government Department, Agency or other Authority".  Source:  MCA’s Head of Search & Rescue

Anyone sailing in UK waters should consider registering their vessel with the MCA CG66. You never know when that information might save a life.

Click here to register on the voluntary CG66 Safety Identification Scheme