What is the difference between Tidal and Non-Tidal Day Skipper?

Even a complete novice can probably see that there is a clue in the title. 

Most of the World’s coastal waters are tidal. Of course, some areas are more and some less. The Mediterranean, as a large area of water with only two entries to the Atlantic and Indian Oceans respectively, means that the 12 hour tidal cycle driven by the gravitational effect of the Moon’s orbit of the Earth, has less effect on sea level. Of course, tidal flows at these two narrow entry / exit points are significant.

Jolly Parrot Sailing is based in sunny Gibraltar and whilst enjoying the benefits of a Mediterranean climate, it also offers something that other areas in the Mediterranean cannot - namely tide!

The RYA’s Tidal Day Skipper qualification is really the one you want. If you plan to sail or charter a yacht in any location other than the Mediterranean then you will probably need an RYA tidal qualification. In any event, understanding how tide effects sea state and your speed over ground is critical if you are to plan passages safely and effectively. Calculating tidal heights and flows is a very large part of becoming an accomplished seafarer.

Jolly Parrot Sailing offers students a pleasant climate and a longer season than UK based schools. We’re located in Gibraltar, uniquely positioned between the Mediterranean and African continents. Our base in Gibraltar sits opposite Morocco's northern coast and adjacent to the Spanish Mediterranean coast. We can offer an RYA Day Skipper tidal qualification in a pleasant Mediterranean climate. The best of both Worlds.

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