What's covered in an RYA ICC Sailing Course

If you do not hold an RYA Day Skipper Certificate you can apply to be assessed for an RYA ICC (International Certificate of Competence) Certificate by an RYA accredited sailing school. The ICC test is very specific and involves the need to answer several questions and complete specific practical tasks. 

To obtain a coastal ICC for a sailing vessel, the candidate is required to know basic rules of the road as set out in the IRPCS Regulations including sound signals. He / she must be able to prepare a yacht for sea, understand and be able to instruct on the use of safety equipment, use and understand a chart and understand how to plot a position and navigate using tidal information, and GPS data. 

He must be able to understand and allow for leeway and variation and deviation and be able to plot a magnetic course to steer.

The ICC practical tests include coming alongside and leaving a pontoon where the wind is blowing the vessel on and off the pontoon, including the effective use of springs. It also includes picking up a mooring buoy, turning a vessel through 360 degrees in a small space, recovering a man overboard and setting and trimming sails for prevailing conditions as well as safely tacking and gybing the yacht. 

The successful candidate must be able to demonstrate that they can do these things competently in order to be awarded an ICC.

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