What's included on our RYA Sailing Courses

When you choosing an RYA sailing course, knowing exactly what’s included and what isn't can make a big difference both to cost and the experience you have whilst on the course.

There a variety of factors you need to consider. Paramount should be the standard of teaching and your instructor should be an RYA qualified cruising instructor or Yachtmaster Instructor. We only use experienced instructors with many years sailing under their belt.

Some schools will expect their students to bring along sleeping bags, wet weather gear, pillows and towels and also chip in for mooring fees which can, during the summer season, be over £30 per night. At Jolly Parrot we think all these things should be included - so that's what we do.

When you join us in Gibraltar our duty skipper will show you to your training yacht. Your bunk will be furnished with a freshly laundered towel and pillow, pillowcase, bed sheet and sleeping bag. There is soap in the heads  (toilet) and a fresh hand towel.

During the course you will visit a variety of ports - even countries (and continents too) and the costs of mooring and any diesel we use are included in the course costs. As you might expect, we also provide charts, plotters, dividers, pencils and almanacs as well as all the safety features and life saving equipment specified by the UK’s Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA). This includes life jackets, harness lines, flares, VHF radios and life raft. 

After a long day in the sun our RYA instructors will be happy to point out a few local hostelries or restaurants if you'd like to eat ashore but if not, we provide a provisioned yacht and a fridge full of goodies. If you have allergies or specific dietary requirements please notify us when booking.

At the end of the week your instructor will debrief you and when appropriate he or she will arrange for certificates to be awarded. If you have an RYA logbook we can sign off your tidal miles and if you don’t have a logbook yet, don't worry, they are available at the office. Just ask.

As you can see, we include all you need for a fun week on the water. With over 300 days of sunshine in and around Gibraltar every year, there’s plenty of fun to be had.  Booking online is simple, so why not book your yachting course with Jolly Parrot today?

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