Why learn to sail in Gibraltar?

30 May 2024

That’s a great question and there are quite a few answers. Here are some of our favourites:

The destinations

There are some incredible places to visit. Being based in Gibraltar we regularly sail between 2 continents: Europe and Africa; and 3 countries: Gibraltar, Spain (mainland and a nearby enclave called Ceuta) and Morocco.

The sunshine

We usually get sunshine…lots and lots of sunshine. To be honest when it does rain it is fairly heavy, but it rarely rains! You will need to drink plenty of water and cover up and apply sunblock.

The wind

The prevailing winds blow East or West usually making a passage North or South across the Straits of Gibraltar between the continents quick and exciting. When the wind picks up the Bay of Gibraltar is very sheltered and protected allowing us to go sailing most of the time.

The tide

Many people think there is no tide in the Mediterranean but that’s simply not true. When crossing the Straits you may have to allow for 7 nautical miles of cross tide!

The traffic

The Straits of Gibraltar is one of the world’s busiest waterways with large commercial ships entering and exiting the Mediterranean and Atlantic. Add to this the Bay of Gibraltar; Cruise ships visiting Gibraltar, high speed ferries to Ceuta or Tangier, large ships visit for bunkering (refuelling), supplies, crew changes or to exchange cargo at one of the largest container ports in Mediterranean – Algeciras. Your knowledge of the IRPCS will be tested!

The food

We’re spoilt for choice. The area offers a huge range of tapas, fish, traditional Spanish and Moroccan dishes as well as cuisines from around the world that you’d expect. There are amazing places that specialise in incredible steak, iberico, cheese and even sushi!

The wildlife

There are many pods of dolphins and porpoises in the Mediterranean and you’ll often see them every time you sail. There are pilot whales and turtles too and very occasionally Orcas and sharks – not the kind that are interested in us!

And finally…

The Jolly Parrot Sailing team!

Most of our instructors are local to the area and know how to extract the most out of the weather, the destinations and our yachts to deliver the best possible course and experience.

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