RYA Competent Crew Course Itinerary

Meet and greet

On arrival at Queensway Quay marina at around 18:00 on the evening before the yacht sets sail, you will be introduced to the yacht, your home for the duration of the course. You will be given a basic 'essentials only' safety brief and dinner will be ashore if required. Accommodation is included on board. This is a great time to get get to know your Instructor and other crew members and to get immersed in the whole nautical theme!  But don't worry, you won't be expected to demonstrate a whole repertoire of sailing knowledge on the first evening, it is just a relaxing, easy way to start the course.

Day 1

Today you will start after breakfast on board at around 0930 with a full safety brief,sometimes delivered by a budding Day Skipper under the watchful eye of your instructor. This morning you will learn how to prepare the yacht for sea, safe procedures for leaving and entering a marina and the most basic of sailing skills. Not least of which, how to work as a team on board, whether it's making tea or dropping the anchor! After a busy morning of exercises lunch will be on board, usually at anchor where you may have time for a cheeky swim.

After Lunch, more sailing skills and drills to include reefing, tacking, gybing and heaving to. If there is time you will explore the MOB procedure. Finish is usually around 1800 on day one.

The evening is usually spent back in our home marina where you will have some free time to explore the old city of Gibraltar, soak up the marina lifestyle and enjoy a meal ashore.

Day 2

After breakfast today, you will head out into Gibraltar Bay for more exercises and drills. After lunch you will be involved in making a passage to one of our ports of call either in Morocco or Spain.  The finish today will be slightly later depending upon choice of destination

Day 3 and 4

These two days are much the same as day 2 with overnight stops at other ports. Each day you will focus on consolidating your knowledge such that you are able to operate effectively and contribute to the safe and efficient running of the yacht on short and longer passages. Usually at the end of day 4 you will experience sailing at night and learning how to identify many ships and structures by their lights. This is always a great experience.

Day 5

Today you will be returning to our home port of Queensway Quay Gibraltar. There are always a few last minute exercises or 'fine tuning' that your instructor may want to see so although this is the last day, it is usually super busy! Once everything has been covered and your instructor is satisfied then you will return to base to clean the yacht down, complete logbooks and receive your certification if appropriate. You will be finished by 16:30 hrs.

During the week you will cover at least 100 Nautical miles, weather permitting and if possible 4 night hours as per the RYA Syllabus. Sometimes during the Summer months night sailing is not easily possible but at most other times we cover it.

Jolly Parrot supply breakfast, lunches and snacks for the entire week along with two evening meals which can be scheduled as your instructor sees fit although many students prefer to step ashore and sample the local fare whenever possible.