RYA Day Skipper Fastrack Course Itinerary

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Meeting Point

This course starts on Saturdays at 09:30 sharp!   Accommodation on board is available the night before the course starts by prior arrangement at a cost of £50pp.  You will need to contact us when you have booked your course to reserve a berth. 

Your Theory Instructor will be waiting to meet you by our offices on Queensway Quay Marina at 09:30.

Day 1 - 4

During these 4 days you will study the theory part of the course in one of our shore based classrooms. Your Instructor will lead you gently through the intricacies of passage planning, tides, safety management and collision regulations during this period, so that you will feel ready and able to sit the assessment papers on the last afternoon before heading out to sea.  There is an element of homework on the theory course but this is essential to consolidate the knowledge.  Take a look at our a recommended reading list.

During this phase of the course, self catering accommodation is provided on board.  A basic breakfast pack is provided. 

Day 5

Today you will start after breakfast on board at around 09:30 with a full safety brief, delivered by a budding Day Skipper under the watchful eye of your Instructor. You'll head out into Gibraltar Bay and consolidate your Day Skipper Theory knowledge and blow away the cobwebs.  You'll then move on to position fixing and procedural exercises such as reefing and MOB.  Skippering a yacht, large or small is about crew and safety management so from the outset this week each and every student will be taking command of the yacht during numerous exercises and tasks.

Days 6-8

Over these three days you will be planning and executing passages to different destinations in Ceuta and Spain while working steadily through the RYA Day Skipper syllabus. Each student will plan and execute at least one passage from one place to another and show their skills in dealing with an emergency such as a MOB.  While this might all sound daunting, don't worry!  We believe that you learn best when having fun so we have a light hearted approach which will keep you smiling while soaking up the knowledge. Each day your Instructor will debrief and advise on areas to work on to help you progress effectively. Whenever possible your Instructor will schedule some downtime to chill out and explore the local area.  It is essential for sound learning to get some 'head space' to allow knowledge to sink in

Day 9

The last day!  Today you will be heading back to Queensway Quay, Gibraltar. By now you will be at, or close, to Day Skipper level and brimming with confidence. Despite it being the last day it is invariably super busy as there are always some last minute exercises and 'refinements' to do en route.  Once back in Queensway Quay the Skipper of the moment will ensure the yacht is secure, and then after a clean down and final debrief your Instructor will sign log books and award certificates.  The course will be finished by 16:00.

During the course you will cover at least 200 nautical miles, weather permitting, and if possible 8 night hours as per the RYA Syllabus.  Sometimes during the Summer months night sailing is not easily possible but at most other times we cover it.  This sets you firmly on your way along the RYA training path.

Jolly Parrot supply breakfast, lunches and snacks for the entire practical course along with two evening meals on each sea phase which can be scheduled in as your Instructor sees fit although many students prefer to step ashore and sample the local fare whenever possible.