All Covid-19 policies are subject to change as and when new information or guidance is released.  

Fortunately, Covid seems to be largely behind us and certainly not as life threatening as it once was.  

Below you will find the measures we have in place.  Please do bear in mind that it is simply not possible to completely socially distance from fellow crew whilst on the training yacht.  


Frequently asked questions:

Yes! The boat layout is generally 3 double cabins, and the saloon. One of our boats has 3 double cabins and a bunk room. We do have an 'own cabin' option that you can select when booking, which will guarantee you your own cabin for the duration of your course. If you decide not to choose this option, you will more than likely be in one of the two saloon berths.

There will be a maximum of 5 people on board, plus the Instructor.

No. You can organise your own nearby accommodation if you wish.

Yes, as it usually would. Extra attention should be paid to hand washing. Liquid soap and hand sanitizer gel is provided.

Yes you can. Plenty of liquid soap and hand sanitizer gel is provided, along with paper towels for drying hands. Cleaning sprays are also provided to wipe down surfaces before and after each use.

No. Masks no longer need to be worn in Gibraltar. 

Lets hope this doesn't happen, but it you were unlucky enough to show symptoms you would be asked to leave the yacht and self isolate.

Yes. We will rotate life jackets and wet weather gear so you will not be wearing ones worn by people on the previous course.

Each boat will get a thorough clean before and after your course by professional cleaners. Jolly Parrot boats have always been cleaned to a high standard, so no change in procedure here.