Novice to RYA/ MCA Yachtmaster Coastal

Novice to RYA/ MCA Yachtmaster Coastal

This course includes everything in a Novice to RYA Day Skipper course, plus additional RYA/ short courses, RYA Yachtmaster coastal theory and plenty of sail training both in the Mediterranean and in UK waters.  

Although no prior experience is required, many people who take this option already know that they want a career in the industry. This training course offers the very best value for money and is the fastest route to gaining the complete, much sought after, commercially endorsable, professional, RYA/ MCA Yachtmaster Coastal qualification.

What experience do I need?

None – just the desire to become a professional skipper

What's covered on this course?

RYA Competent Crew:

In this first stage you'll get to know the yacht and learn how to be a useful member of crew on board.  Your Instructor will provide you with a basic knowledge of how things work. You'll get a chance to practice some rope work, helm the boat and learn about the equipment that helps to keep you safe.  You'll also be introduced to important 'rules of the road' and man overboard recovery techniques.  After five days on board you'll have first-hand experience of how a yacht is managed and you'll be ready to start learning how to take charge yourself.

RYA Day Skipper Theory:

With a taste for sailing, you'll then spend four days in our Gibraltar classroom. You'll cover the basics of navigation – including tidal calculations, chart reading and navigation, collision regulations, meteorology and electronic navigational aids.  At the end of the course, you'll be well prepared to take the RYA Day Skipper theory tests.

RYA Day Skipper Practical:

After completing the theory element, you'll re-join a yacht to put it all into practice over the next five days. Under the guidance of our RYA instructor, you'll take on all aspects of skippering the yacht – including sail trim, stern-to mooring, pilotage, passage planning, anchoring and safety management on board.  As part of the course, you'll have the chance to develop your leadership skills by taking charge of a short passage.  But don't worry, our instructor will remain on hand to give advice and encouragement and ensure your safety.

Short Courses:

As part of the Yachtmaster Coastal module you will complete four short courses.  RYA Sea Survival will teach you the basics of abandon ship procedures, survival management and the operation of all life saving appliances on board and is also a requirement for commercial endorsement.  RYA Diesel Engine course gives you an awareness of the main systems of a marine engine and routine maintenance measure to prevent mechanical breakdown.  The RYA VHF (SRC) course is for people who wish to use a hand held or fixed VHF radio and is a requirement for commercial endorsement.  The RYA First Aid course aims to give a working knowledge of basic first aid on board a yacht and is also a requirement for commercial endorsement.

Mile Building:

There will be a period of time allocated to making longer passages where you will carrying out passage planning, skippering the passages and getting some miles under the belt. This is essential to attain the mileage requirement for the Yachtmaster Coastal exam and also to gain the required qualifying passages. It will also teach you valuable skills such as crew and watch management, victualing and weather routing. 

Skipper Enhancement:

In the Skipper enhancement section of your course you will begin to learn the intricacies of advanced sail trim and the setting and use of storm sails, asymmetric and symmetric spinnakers. We will also be focusing on emergency procedures such as man overboard and engine / power failure as well as power handling in marinas. Also included in the skipper enhancement section is boat husbandry where you will learn the finer points of maintaining a yacht to a high standard to ensure the continuing safety of the crew on board. This is an essential skill for those looking to become a professional skipper.

Yachtmaster Coastal theory:

You will be taught the full Yachtmaster Coastal theory syllabus. This will involve advanced navigation and meteorology and will include appropriate management of all aspects of your yacht on short and long passages. The theory element will culminate in an examination to assess your navigational ability.

Yachtmaster Coastal prep week and Exam:

The final week of the course will be taken up with your prep week and exam. During this week you will be put through your paces, both theoretical and practical, by one of our Yachtmaster instructors. The instructor will ensure that you are competent in all aspects of the syllabus prior to your exam at the end of the week. The exam will be conducted on board the same yacht you have been training on but will be with an external examiner. On successful completion of this exam you will have achieved all the elements to be a fully qualified, commercially endorsed Yachtmaster Coastal.

What Qualifications will you achieve?

  • RYA Competent Crew
  • RYA Day Skipper Theory
  • RYA Day Skipper Practical
  • RYA Diesel Engine
  • STCW 95/10
  • RYA Yachtmaster Coastal Theory
  • RYA/ MCA Yachtmaster Coastal

With the above qualifications you will have everything you need to send off for your International Certificate of Competent (ICC) and to commercially endorse your Yachtmaster Coastal.

Whats Included?

  • Accommodation on board throughout the whole course
  • Breakfast, lunch, refreshments and two evening meals – during the practical course only
  • The theory element of this course is self catering.  However, a basic breakfast pack is provided 
  • Waterproof clothing
  • Bedding and towels
  • Safety equipment  
  • Mooring fees & fuel
  • All charts and publications
  • Fun! 
  • Flights to and from UK during course (if applicable)

Whats Not Included?

  • RYA/YM Examination fees
  • Examiners travel costs (if applicable)
  • PPR online course
  • ENG1 Medical examination and certificate.  This is a requirement for commercial endorsement


Course Schedule:

Starts: Various Start dates available. If your preferred dates are not displayed, just ask and we can consider your preferences 

This is a 8 week course. 

Course Cost: £5999

Own cabin option: £7599

To guarantee your own cabin for this 8 week course, contact us.

What's next?

Being a fully qualified, commercially endorsed, Yachtmaster Coastal will open up many avenues for professional work within this industry including charter skipper, flotilla skipper, delivery skipper and many other options in the superyacht industry. Or now that you have reached the second milestone of the fastrack program you will be ready to springboard into the Yachtmaster Offshore Module to top up your coastal to a full ocean going qualification. 

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