Professional Yachtmaster Fastrack program

Professional Yachtmaster Fastrack program

Jolly Parrot Sailing's Professional Yachtmaster Fastrack program is designed as a cost effective solution to suit your learning requirements without compromising on the quality and coverage of these much sought after RYA qualifications. We offer a number of different paths for you to reach your ultimate goal and our program is specifically designed by sailing experts for individuals who want to gain internationally recognised qualifications whether it’s for a career or lifestyle change, as part of a gap year experience or sabbatical.

What‘s covered on this course?

We have tailored our Professional Yachtmaster Fastrack program to give you the best possible experience and training utilising the extensive knowledge and experience of our instructors. In addition to our superior instructors, we are the only school based in Gibraltar to offer important elements of the fastrack program in UK waters. This not only enhances the learning experience by visiting different countries coastlines, but also provides an opportunity to experience the extensive and sometimes ferocious tides of the south coast of the UK, which simply cannot be found in Mediterranean waters. Where possible, we also incorporate race training and compete in actual races as part of your training which adds valuable experience and teaches skills you would not learn elsewhere.

Our program is broken down into a modular system with three key milestones: Day Skipper, Yachtmaster Coastal and Yachtmaster Offshore. The unique advantage of this is that you can enter and leave the program at any of these milestones depending on your starting knowledge and end goal. The entire program is designed to really mould you to become a professional RYA Yachtmaster with the credibility to go forward into a rewarding career. Unlike many other Fastrack schemes, we do not just teach you to pass the examinations, we really teach you to sail and command your vessel in a professional way. 

See the below table for more information.


Entry Qualification Final Qualification Course Duration Price More Info
Novice Day Skipper 2 Weeks £1399.00 Click Here
Novice Yachtmaster Coastal 8 Weeks £5999.00 Click Here
Novice Yachtmaster Offshore 16 Weeks £9999.00 Click Here
Day Skipper Yachtmaster Coastal 6 Weeks £4699.00 Click Here
Day Skipper Yachtmaster Offshore 14 Weeks £8899.00 Click Here
Yachtmaster Coastal Yachtmaster Offshore 7 Weeks £4199.00 Click here

What experience do I need?

Previous experience varies depending on which milestone you wish to start with. Click for more info in the above table for more specific course pre-requisites.

Why choose Jolly Parrot?

Simply, why wouldn't you?

We have multiple boats that you'll do your training on from 36ft to 46ft including racing boats, all with different types of sail plan, and you'll  get extensive spinnaker training.  You'll have the opportunity to sail in UK and Northern European waters giving you plenty of practice in heavily tidal areas which means you'll feel confident to skipper your yacht wherever your Yachtmaster qualification takes you, whether that's working as a flotilla skipper in the Med, or on a superyacht.   All this in a nurturing, friendly, non smoking, fun environment. 

What's included?

  • Accommodation on board throughout the course
  • Breakfast, lunch, refreshments and two evening meals – during the practical course only
  • The theory element of this course is self catering.  However, a basic breakfast pack is provided 
  • Waterproof clothing
  • Bedding and towels
  • Safety equipment
  • Mooring fees
  • All charts and publications
  • All short courses
  • Stage Payments

What's not included: 

  • RYA/YM Examination fees
  • Examiners travel costs (if applicable)
  • PPR online course
  • ENG1 Medical examination and certificate.  This is a requirement for commercial endorsement

Course schedule:

All of our fastrack courses are bespoke which allows them to be tailored to the individual training needs of the student. Due to this our course schedule is flexible however the "more info" section of the table above gives more detail on what will be included in each part of the Professional Fastrack Program. If you have any questions please just email or call us on 07925 784407.

Course cost: £1399 - £9999



Have a Question?

If you have any questions please email us or call on +44 7925 784407 or see our Frequently Asked Questions.