Do I need travel insurance for an RYA Sailing Course?

10 March 2016

As with any other holiday or trip abroad, whilst not essential, it is prudent to take travel insurance during an RYA sailing course. A variety of third parties offer cover of varying types. However, sailing insurance should cover cancellation costs, baggage loss cover and medical repatriation. Ideally, insurance for personal injury should be included in the cover.

Of course, we are already insured for public liability as you might expect, but given that you will be physically active on a yacht at sea, it would be prudent to obtain cover for personal injury. Whilst unlikely, simple injuries are possible on board.

Your insurance broker can advise you. Alternatively, click here for details of one-off trip cover from Topsail Insurance. Cover starts from as little as £20 per person.

If you would like to discuss travel insurance for our RYA sailing courses in more detail please contact us on 07925 784407