What is a saloon berth?

30 May 2024

The saloon (some folk call it the salon but that’s a discussion for another time!) is usually in the centre of a modern yacht and is the shared, communal area – a bit like the living room in a house.

Typically it consists of a “couch” down the port and starboard sides of the yacht with a table in the middle. The table can be static and fixed in place or has leaves that drop down.

Each “couch” is a berth for crew to sleep on. Often the back of the saloon “couch” lifts up from the bottom to provide extra space for sleeping. On some yachts this extra space is large enough to make it into a double berth.

Sleeping in a saloon berth has advantages. For example, they have the best ventilation, usually making them cooler (a plus for many people when sailing in the Mediterranean), which aids good quality sleep.

Some yachts have “crew berths” as well or instead of saloon berths. The crew berths are often arranged like bunk beds.

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