Best books for cooking onboard a yacht

Cooking on a yacht has a number of challenges; limited space for stores, a small oven or only two hob rings, not forgetting a moving vessel.  Having good food at sea is essential for a number of reasons; for energy, for well-being and of course morale. Sometimes there’s nothing better than a bowl of hot food whilst on watch or enjoying a freshly made meal in the cockpit watching the world go by.

Sitting down to a good meal is one of the finer and sometimes overlooked joys of sailing, however producing good, easy to make food can be very challenging. Whether it’s a simple one pan dish, a gourmet meal or an offshore menu, you’ll find some great ideas from the following books.

These books illustrate good, easy to make, nutritional food to keep everyone onboard happy.

The Boat Cookbook

A must-have guide for sailors and seaside lovers, this book is full of simple to make, easy, delicious recipes from top chefs and sailing legends.  The recipes are accompanied by superb photos and beautiful illustrations. An invaluable addition to any yacht’s galley or sailor’s kitchen.

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The Boat Galley Cookbook

A book written by a couple of sailors who have faced many cooking challenges over the years.  This delightful compilation of over 800 recipes gives step by step instructions for the non cooks and detailed guides on how to make unfamiliar things such as bread and yoghurt which cannot be bought worldwide.  Highly recommended for long distance cruisers.

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Cruising Chef Cookbook

A bestseller, written by a sailor with hundreds of tips and over 300 recipes, it’s a lovely book for the novice and experienced cook.  The author includes a variety of cooking methods and has hints of his  salty humour  throughout the book.  Highly recommended for blue water cruising.

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Reeds Cooking at Sea Handbook

A handy pocket sized reference book, full of easy to prepare, varied meals for all occasions.  There are plenty of helpful tips and hints in the book, written from experience of a two year cruise on a single burner.  This is a great little aide memoire reference book.

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One Pan Galley Simple Cooking

A very simple spiral bound book, giving you 170 recipes for one pot meals. As well as menu plans, the author has included provisioning advice for cooking in a single pot, pan or small oven aboard. Mixed reviews so probably better suited for weekend or short distance cruisers.

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