How and why you should log a transit report via VHF radio.

Submitting a transit report when leaving on passage is a prudent thing to do. It acts as a safety blanket in the event that you incur a problem and lose an effective means of communication. A third party will know when you left and when you should get into port. It could mean the difference between life and death.

To submit a transit report call the coastguard on the appropriate channel for your area (check your almanac). If you hail them on CH16 perhaps call them on CH16 and state;

“[Insert station] coastguard this is [your station name], routine traffic. Over”.

The coastguard will probably send you to their working channel which will probably be a duplex channel, meaning other vessels can’t hear your broadcast.

Calling in a transit report should go something like this;

  1. call the Coastguard on the appropriate channel
  2. provide your departure and destination ports
  3. say how many people are on board
  4. tell them your estimated time of arrival
  5. when you've arrived at your destination, call the same coastguard to confirm your safe arrival

In addition to submitting a transit report or making a VHF radio check before your passage, consider registering with the SafeTrx app.

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