Our favourite knot tying apps

Who was it that first coined the phrase “If you can’t do knots, do lots”? I wish I knew, because every time I find myself soaked on the foredeck trying to untie a snaggle of tight hitches and half hitches with cold fingers whilst bucket-loads of cold salt water are cascading down the neck of my foulie jacket, I curse their name - or at least I would if I knew it.

You need to know your knots! If you don’t you are not, in my view, a competent crew. 

How then do you learn and retain that knowledge?  I recommend 2 x 50cm lengths of rope (say 6 mm diameter and ideally of different colours) and an app on your smartphone. Keep the rope in your pocket and practice knots on the tube on the way to work - or at any opportune moment. The M6 is probably a bad idea! Unless you are a passenger.

Here are four of our favourite apps;

Animated Knots

A very professional app that is a premium service. You can also view their videos free of charge on youtube. About £4.49 at the time of writing.

IOS  |  Android

Knots 3D

With over 8,000 4* and 5* reviews on Google Play they must be doing something right! Only 27 sailing knots - but that’s plenty! Just £4.99 at the time of writing.

IOS  |  Android

Useful Knots Pro

Extensive knots and an app that can be moved onto SD card too. Cheaper than Animated Knots (above) as well.

IOS Unavailable  |  Android

Knot Guide

A FREE app that I have on my iPhone. It is very useable and whilst it has ads, the data is generally good.

IOS  |  Android

If you take your sailing seriously and don’t want to be sworn at by a bedraggled bowman with wet base layers because you tied lots - learn your knots!

There are, of course, also some great books.  Have a read of our Blog, The Best Books for Learning Knots. 

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