Preparation for an RYA Coastal Skipper Course

The RYA Coastal Skipper Course is the next step up from the RYA Day Skipper Course and requires candidates to have a considerable knowledge and experience. You will be expected to be able to skipper more challenging passages in a variety of situations, by day or night.

Prior to the course, we’d strongly recommend that you first complete a course of advanced navigation. The RYA Coastal Skipper / Yachtmaster shorebased course would offer you this. 

Minimum pre-course experience includes 15 days on board a sailing vessel with two days as skipper of the vessel, 300 nautical miles logged and a minimum of 8 night hours. We assume that you can already handle a yacht to the standard of an experienced RYA Day Skipper and navigate to the standard of a shorebased Coastal Skipper Theory candidate.

The RYA Coastal Skipper practical course lasts 5 days and includes passage planning, pilotage, passage making and yacht management, yacht handling under power and sail, as well as weather forecasting, identifying, planning for and dealing with adverse weather conditions and emergency situations.

We recommend that you are fully ‘up to speed’ on your navigational theory, colregs, International Rules for the Prevention of Collision at Sea (IRPCS) and general seamanship. Being unable to tie a bowline at this stage is simply not acceptable!

The RYA Coastal Skipper practical course is a satisfying but intense week, working towards a certificate of competence. At Jolly Parrot Sailing, our RYA Instructors will coach you through the learning process. You are in safe hands, which means we are able to let you spread your wings a little and really test your skippering skills.

Feel free to contact us on +447925 784407 and speak a course adviser if you aren’t sure which course is right for you.

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