What is a Yachtmaster ‘Prep Week’ ?

As the name suggests, a Yachtmaster Prep Week is a chance for candidates booked to attend a Yachtmaster Exam to undertake some bespoke coaching with other candidates prior to their external RYA exam.

The week has no fixed syllabus although the instructor will have some ideas on which parts of the exam most students struggle with. After a crew briefing the Yachtmaster instructor will know where candidates are keen to focus and he will do his best to deliver instruction based on this knowledge.


Many candidates will arrange a prep week immediately before their RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Coastal or Offshore exam and many find it useful to take the exam on the same boat as the boat used during prep week. In many cases the examination might take place with the same crew also. As long as you all get on this can be helpful because you will know your crew’s strengths and weaknesses when you are being asked to undertake various tasks under examination conditions.


Prep week is a great opportunity to iron out bad habits or ask those questions that you’ve never really got answers to when sailing with others. You might even use the time to practice pilotage into ports you don’t know or to get to know a sailing area better.


The end of Prep Week will start to become more like a mock exam and many candidates find it useful to have some experience of this before the exam itself. The external examiner provided by the RYA will try to put your nerves to rest but most of us get nervous and having previously experienced a mock examination of one or two tasks can be a great help.

If you plan to take your Yachtmaster Practical Examination this year, ask us about our Yachtmaster Prep Weeks in Gibraltar and the UK.

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