What to pack for a Mediterranean Yacht Charter

If you are chartering a yacht in the Mediterranean, it’s likely that your packing will reflect the expected weather, just like any other holiday. Hopefully shorts, T shirts, skirts and sunglasses will be packed, but if you are sailing, it’s worth thinking about specifics.

  • Suncream is a no brainer; probably factor 30 - 50+
  • Sunhat (and spare sunhat)
  • Sunglasses (and maybe spare sunglasses!)
  • Shorts, T Shirts and a rain jacket
  • Deck shoes for the boat - and ordinary shoes for exploring
  • Socks, pants and wash kit
  • A towel (possibly a travel towel?) - check with the charterer
  • A light fleece (and a heavier fleece if colder weather is expected)
  • A woolly hat (if you plan to sail overnight)
  • Wet weather gear (this is best rented to save weight on your flight)

In addition to these no brainers, the cautious skipper might consider bringing along a handheld GPS, spare batteries, a phone and charger and perhaps a well read pilot book that covers local marinas and anchorages. Pre-planning will help you make the best of your valuable holiday afloat.

Remember to check with the charter company whether bedding and towels are provided. Most will offer a basic victualling option for when you join. Some will shop for you. Make sure the boat has lifejackets, a liferaft, flare pack and TPAs before you leave and always do a proper check before you leave, making sure you have up-to-date charts, almanacs and fuel and water on board, plus a working VHF and gas bottles!

Other extras worth considering for hot climes include;

  • A lightweight silk sheet
  • A personal fan with clamp for keeping your cabin cool at night
  • Some duty free (for when you are safely tied-up alongside)
  • A good book

What else do you need, but good company, good weather and your wallet and passport? Perfect!