Which is the Best Sailing Course for Beginners?

The difficulty with starting something new is knowing…. well, where to start.

In some respects, and certainly when you look at many other sports and pastimes, sailing has quite a structured introduction through learning available for the beginner but, ironically, as a complete newbie the beginner’s unlikely to know that. Most of us get into sailing organically, either by accepting an invitation to spend a day on the water or by accident after trying to mitigate the boredom of yet another 6 day holiday lying on a beach towel.

Whilst you can start with as little as two days on the water on a course entitled the Introduction to Yachting Course, it is basically the first couple of days of the 5 day Competent Crew course. 

Like most things new, most of us need a few days of practice to get a grip of the basics and then build confidence. To learn anything properly we need to be told, shown, do, get corrected and then redo. Practice makes perfect, as an airline pilot friend of mine (rather disturbingly) used to say..This is even more relevant when you’re plunged into an entirely new environment. 

In our view, the five day course is the best way to instil the basics and cover the whole syllabus of the RYA Competent Crew Course.  At the end of it, the successful candidate will have spent five days living and breathing boats. The course, whilst intensive, is relaxed. After all, here in Gibraltar we’re in the sun 300 days of the year. 

Overseen by one of our professional skippers, the course is aimed at the complete novice, so if the closest you’ve ever been to sailing is the duty free shop on the Cross Channel Ferry, you’ll be right at home. Fashioned as a five-day course, it’s focus is on actually getting candidates on the water and enjoying themselves. 

Our experienced professional instructors encourage students to try stuff out under their watchful eye. The RYA Competent Crew course syllabus is crafted in such a way that a successful candidate will be a competent (if novice) crew of a small sailing vessel at the end of the week. You’ll also have the chance to visit several ports of call along the way, perhaps even another continent!

Our RYA sailing courses are limited to a maximum of five students, allowing each individual to learn all disciplines from trimming sails and tacking to helming and getting the boat ready for sea.

For more information or to speak to a course adviser contact us on 02380 970824.

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