Best books on weather for yachtsmen

There are many books written on the subject of weather for sailors and here are a few of our favourites.

Reeds Weather Handbook

The Reeds Weather handbook, like the Reeds Skipper’s Handbook, is a small and easily ‘carryable’ book, dense in facts and information. It includes all you might need to remind you of what you know and will also add to it as well.

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RYA Weather Handbook

The RYA Weather Handbooks are written by Chris Tibbs. Mr Tibbs is an experienced sailor with over 250,000 miles including a circumnavigation as a BT Global Challenge Race Skipper. The book is easy to read, includes easy to understand illustrations of the principles. Excellent book, available in Northern and Southern Hemisphere Editions.

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Weather for Sailors (North U)

Written by Bill Biewenga, this book is more than a weather book. It is a detailed, high level book which addresses how to apply weather knowledge to your sailing. It’s a dense book and not an easy read for a novice, but it’s got information for the more advanced sailor.

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The World of Weather

The World of Weather is in hardback and quite large. Dealing with ‘frontology’, katabatic winds, cloud types, relative humidity, etc this book also covers things like precipitation (some of us call this rain) and how it occurs as well as various cloud types.

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The Cloud Book

The Cloud book is written by Richard Hamblyn in association with the Met Office. The book is an extensive and accessible source of all cloud types. Very useful for the keen ocean sailor.

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